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Carlos de Guzman

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

First of all i just wanna thank you for letting me participate as a pacer at the dream marathon. I wanna say kudos too for organizing such a fantastic race. Even the term fantastic would be an understatement for the event that u just did.

The race was very very very organized…. I can’t say that enough. From the aid stations, the support crew, the logistics, everything! It was perfect. The first/second timers are really really lucky.

I’ve done a lot of races like Singapore Marathon, Ironman West Australia and I can say that this is almost up to par all of them. From the organization, down to the execution.

Honestly I think you may have set the bar too high though hehe 🙂 Everyone’s gonna get spoiled now when u organize another race. But I’m sure that wont be a problem for you.

Again, just wanna say thanks jaymie for making a lot of peoples dream (including my gf aleta yao) come true. I’m very honored to be part of this once in a lifetime event.