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Donna Gojo-Segunial

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

TEARS OF ELATED JOY. That is how I would describe my feeling as I ran the last few hundred meters to the finish line. The last few meters to the finish line just kept repeating in my mind, it was truly a EUPHORIC MOMENT for me. When Joy & I saw the sign 42K, she told me she will run ahead & she will see me at the finish line. The moment she ran ahead of me I just could’nt stop running, I kept going and going and going and I was crying already. Good thing I was wearing shades so my tears were not easily seen. It was just me who crossed the finish line when I saw the TIMEX clock 6:48 ( as I recall ) so it was a glorious MOMENT indeed! And you know what the BEST part was? Just a few steps near the finish line, my eldest son JAVIER approached me, HELD MY HAND and gave me a big smile and TOGETHER we crossed the finish line. Then my youngest son, ENZO gave me hug and it was just a PERFECT moment.

All Dream Marathoners were acknowledged by the host as we crossed the finish line. I felt like a Hollywood star, cameras flashing and the host gave me a compliment that I still looked FRESH even after running the TOUGH 42K. Then the TBR medal was placed on me & I surely felt like a REAL WINNER, whoohoohoo!!!