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John Benedict P. Salvador

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Three months ago, I was content with running half marathons. I thought that it was enough. When you presented the Dream Marathon, it opened up an opportunity for me to challenge myself even more. I was the happiest man when I got the confirmation that I was included in the small pool of runners for the event.

Last Saturday, I have surpassed one of the greatest physical challenges known to man. I probably would have joined other full marathons but your event was different. It was well thought of, well planned, and well executed. I could never ask for a more personalized run than this. You inspire me to share the love and passion for running to other people. I hope you continue to serve as an inspiration to runners out there. I wish that in the future, I could also share something like this to other people.

So yeah, congratulations to you for helping all 300 (or more) of us achieve something really monumental. Congratulations to your team for successfully executing this event.

If you intend to do this again, you can count on me for support. Again, Thank you very much! Cheers!

HR Analyst
Upstream International