What is TBR Dream

The Dream Marathon is the first and only marathon in the world that caters to first- or second-time marathoners. In 2012 and 2013, Runners World Philippines recognized it as among the Top 10 Marathons in the Philippines.

Jaymie, The Bull Runner, during her first marathon

Jaymie, The Bull Runner, during her first marathon


The Dream Marathon is the brainchild of Jaymie Pizarro, The Bull Runner, and Jim Lafferty.

In 2009, after Jaymie crossed the finish line of her first marathon, she was changed forever. She felt empowered,  fearless, and more confident of herself and her abilities. “Completing a 42k, a distance that once seemed impossible, taught me that anything in this world was within my grasp as long as I worked for it.” Jaymie said of her first marathon. She was so overwhelmed with the experience that she felt compelled to have everyone run a marathon, too. For her, the transformation that occurred during a marathon could not be put into words. One had to run all 42.195km to experience the magic and receive the gifts of the marathon.

Jaymie met with Jim Lafferty, retired P&G General Manager who, she heard, shared the same passion for motivating people to run marathons. One morning in Jim’s living room, as they spoke about possible ways to encourage more people to run, Jim had a grand idea: “Let’s do a marathon for beginners!” With that, The Bull Runner Dream Marathon was born.

The inaugural Dream Marathon in 2010 was opened to 300 runners in Nuvali. By 2014, the 5th Dream Marathon opened its slots to 800 runners and was sold out in 37 minutes. In 2019, we celebrate our 10th year with over 5,000 TBR Dream alumni.


The vision for Dream Marathon is create a venue for first-time marathoners to train for their first marathon and run it in the most idyllic, positive, and supportive environment. The event is essentially a 22-week journey beginning on the first day of registration until the runner crosses the finish line on race day.

The Dream Marathon will always be an intimate event for a relatively small group of runners. The organizers wish to create a race where runners are recognized as people with their own stories to tell, not just numbers on a race bib.

The Dream Marathon encourages and promotes the idea of “paying it forward” where more experienced runners give back to the community by pacing or supporting newer runners who need help.  We call our  running heroes or volunteers “Dream Chasers.”

The Dream Marathon believes that it doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow, first or last. At the Dream Marathon, everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner.

The Dream Team

The Dream Team, the organizing committee behind the Dream Marathon, is composed of passionate runners who have a personal connection to the race.  It’s personal for us and we make it personal for you, too. For us, the Dream Marathon is not just any race; it’s a life experience we wish to share with you.

TBR Dream Team is composed of runners with full time jobs in insurance, banking, call centers, and more, but we come together for 6 months of each year to advocate our love for running, particularly the marathon.  Our team is composed of the following:

  • Jaymie Pizarro (The Bull Runner) – Founder, Overall Event Director, First Filipino to finish the World Marathon Majors, marathoner
  • Coach Jim Lafferty – Founder and Marathon Training Program Director, marathoner
  • Neville Manaois – Race Director, ultramarathoner, founder of Race Mechanics
  • Coach Lit Onrubia – Principal Coach, TBR Dream Marathon alumni, marathoner
  • Coach Ken Mendola – Lead Coach, USATF (USA Track & Field) Level 1 Coach, TBR Dream Marathon alumni, marathoner
  • Jun Cruz – Logistics Director, Bull Session Manager, marathoner
  • Macel Janeo – Bull Circle Manager, Marketing Asst., Administrator, TBR Dream Marathon alumni
  • Chiqui Dijamco – Creatives / Digital, TBR Dream Marathon alumni
  • Mike Janeo – Pacer Head, TBR Dream Marathon alumni
  • Kathy Apole Sarmiento – Project Manager