TBR Ambassadors

We partner with current TBR Dreamers who are enthusiastic about sharing their marathon journey to inspire more people to start running and finish a marathon!



You represent your current batch of TBR Dreamers. All you have to do is share your positive experiences during marathon training and infectious enthusiasm for all aspects of TBR Dream Marathon from Basecamp, TBR Dream Plus, Bull Sessions and Circles, the Send Off Party and, of course, race day. You’ll share this with your offline and online friends and family to help inspire people, just like you, to believe in themselves and conquer their first marathon, or even just take their first step in running!


As a TBR Ambassador, we’ll give you special gifts from TBR and from our partners. You’ll receive one complimentary slot for TBR Dream Marathon next year whether it’s for you or a friend. You’ll party with us in our TBR get-together for ambassadors and volunteers. Last but not the least, you’ll have the awesome opportunity to touch people’s lives by helping us spread the love for running and the marathon!


  • Must be a registered participant of TBR Dream Marathon
  • Must have at least one active account on IG, FB, or Tiktok