TBR Dream Plus


TBR Dream Plus offers the complete package for a TBR Dream Marathon participant. The entire program has been designed to give you a well-balanced workout plan for leading up to the marathon. While we believe in the Principle of Specificity (running as the priority workout when training for a marathon), we also believe that strength training is essential to enhance your running performance, improve your running form, strengthen muscles and joints, and prevent injury.

TBR Dream Plus is a 20-week program which includes the official TBR Dream Beginner Marathon program along with the following: 

+ Run-specific strengthening workouts with Coach Jim Spiers. Strengthening workouts using bodyweight or light weights to help build lean muscle mass, strengthens your muscles, bones and joints to withstand the rigours of long runs, and reduce the risk of injury during marathon training. 

+ Yoga sessions with Coach Lace Ang. A variety of yoga classes delivered online that complement the Beginner program of TBR Dream Marathon. The classes will help loosen tight muscles, improve flexibility, and speed muscle recovery throughout the marathon journey

+ Meditation sessions with Coach Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion. A mix of meditation and breathing sessions delivered online that help with mental health to reduce anxiety and build mental toughness


Here’s what you receive when you join us:
+ 3x/week TBR Dream Beginner 1 Marathon program  
+ 2x/week run-specific progressive Strength program
+ Once a week on-demand Meditation or Yoga classes
+ Your weekly program delivered to you in an easy-to-read format via mobile app
+ Direct communication with Coach Jaymie and Coach Jim
+ TBR Dream Plus Group access 
+ Zoom Check Ins with Coach Jaymie and Coach Jim 
+ Chance to win P5k worth of gift certificates in our Transformation Challenge 

Your workouts will be accessible via desktop and mobile app. We’ve done the prep work for you and all you have to do is check the app daily and do the workout at home with online support from us. 


TBR Dream Plus is for you if:
> You are registered for TBR Dream Marathon
> You can commit to 2x a week of 30-45 mins of strength training to supplement marathon training 
> You want to strength train, but you don’t know where to start 
> You want to strength train, but you don’t have access to a gym 
> You hope to prevent injury
> You want to improve mobility and flexibility through yoga
> You want to let go of stress and anxiety through meditation

Note: This program is an add-on and is optional for participants of TBR Dream Marathon.


Coach Jaymie leads the run program of TBR Dream Plus. As a marathoner, she has experienced the benefits of strength training while training for marathons. It helps her maintain proper running form during long runs, provides power to her stride, and helps keeps her safe from injury. She is certified as a running coach and a personal trainer.

Coach Jim Spiers leads the strength workouts. As a USATF Level 1 Running Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, he’s developed a strength program composed of stabilization, core, and strength exercises designed especially for beginner marathoners. 

The program also includes on-demand Meditation sessions by Coach Tricia Chiongbian to help keep you balanced and improve mental toughness and Breathwork and Yoga by Coach Lace Ang for mobility and flexibility sessions that align with our marathon and strength sessions.


Monthly fee is P800. The subscription plan auto-renews monthly. No commitment. You can cancel anytime.

If you purchase the entire 20-week program, the one-time fee is P2,850 only. You save P1,150!

TBR Dream Plus runs from SEP. 30, 2024 to FEB. 16, 2025.
All memberships will automatically terminate on FEB. 17, 2025.


You may register at the link below. (Note: Only registered participants of TBR Dream Marathon will be granted access.)


After registration, you will receive access to the program and group forum on desktop and mobile app. You will only be able to view the steps/activities when the program starts.


Can I do the strength workouts at home?

Yes. The workouts are designed be done with minimal equipment.

What equipment will I need?

+ Mat
+ Dumbbells (or any heavy household item like water bottles or sacks of rice)
+ Resistance bands
+ Bench, stool, or staircase (anything stable you can step up on)

I am new to any kind of strength workout.  Can I join?

Absolutely! You can adjust our recommended plans to fit your goals and needs. For beginners, you can use your body weight for the strength workouts.  If you need advise or assistance, you can message our Coaches.

I am an experienced athlete.  Can I join?

Of course! You can adjust our recommended plan to fit your goals and needs. We recommend you workout as prescribed and challenge yourself with heavier weights for the strength workouts.  

Will I have time for all this?

Strength workouts should take you 30-45 mins 2x per week. Meditation and yoga sessions are on-demand weekly sessions and can be done at your most convenient time.

How do I access the program?

All content will be accessible via desktop and mobile app. 

I found out about this late! Can I register even after it has started?

Yes! You can sign up for the full 5-months if you’re starting just a few days or weeks late. You can also sign up for the monthly plan. 

How can I contact you?

For inquiries, email us at jaymie@tbrdream.com or DM Jaymie on IG @thebullrunner.  If you’ve already joined the program, you can message Coach Jaymie or Coach Jim directly within the TBR Dream Plus program.