Training Programs


TBR Dreamers receive two TBR Dream Marathon Training Programs in their Welcome Kit upon registration. The programs were designed by TBR DM co-founder, Coach Jim Lafferty, a former and present-day marathon coach and TBR DM Principal Coach, Lit Onrubia.  Between our two coaches, they have guided over 6,000 runners for their first marathon.

Runners can choose between a Beginner program and an Intermediate Beginner program. Both are 20-week training plans with two weekday runs and one long run in the weekend. The objectives of the program:

  • To get TBR Dreamers in sufficient physical condition to complete the marathon comfortably, and make it an overall enjoyable experience;
  • To ensure TBR Dreamers do not get injured in the course of training. Marathon training is tough on the body, and nearly 20% of marathoners do get injured in training, mainly through doing too much too fast.
  • Finally, to make training as time efficient as possible, so that runners can plan running into their lives and NOT the other way around.

All Bull Sessions (run clinics) and Bull Circles (running talks) are in sync with the TBR Dream Marathon program to provide runners with the information and skills they need as they progress through training.

TBR Dream Marathon training begins SEPTEMBER 26, 2022.


For the first time, we are offering a NEW 12-week Base Training program to build base mileage in preparation for TBR Dream Marathon training. This is recommended for participants who have little to no experience running or runners who are starting again after a long hiatus.

  • Runners will receive their program via mobile app and will run on their own with online support
  • The program is open to runners who are not registered for TBR Dream Marathon

Basecamp Training begins JULY 4, 2022.

TBR DREAM PLUS: Running + Strength

Another innovation is the TBR Dream Plus Program. TBR Dream Plus is an OPTIONAL add-on for runners who wish to supplement their marathon program with run-specific strengthening workouts. Strengthening workouts will help build lean muscle mass, strengthens your muscles, bones and joints to withstand the rigours of long runs, and reduces the risk of injury. 

  • Runners will receive their program via mobile app and can do the workouts at home with online support
  • Equipment needed: mat and dumbbells of your choice or household items (e.g., water jugs, sack of rice, etc.)
  • The program is open only to TBR Dream participants
  • This is OPTIONAL and requires an additional fee

For more information, email Jaymie at