Basecamp is a 12-week running program that will build your base mileage for marathon training. It is essentially the pre-training program to TBR Dream Marathon training. Basecamp is part of TBR Dream University.

The running program was designed by certified USATF Level 1 and RRCA running coach and TBR Dream Marathon founder, Jaymie Pizarro, The Bull Runner. 

Join TBR Basecamp 2025 HERE. Sign up ONLY if you are a registered participant of TBR Dream Marathon.

Who can join?

Basecamp is for individuals who are new to running, beginners, or runners who are coming back after a long hiatus.

There are 3 Phases to Basecamp with each phase being 4 weeks:

Phase 1: Jul 8 to Aug 4 – if you are new to running or wish to start running again gently start here

Phase 2: Aug 5 to Sep 1 – if you are a beginner runner or a runner who is returning after a long hiatus, start here

Phase 3: Sep 2 to 29 – for beginner runners, runners returning after a long hiatus, or runners who want a light running program to prep them for marathon training

The program is open only to registered participants of TBR Dream Marathon.

What do you get?

Here’s what you receive when you join us:

+ Weekly running plan delivered via TBR Dream Hub mobile app
+ Direct messaging with Coach Jaymie for support
+ Exclusive group access on TBR Dream Hub mobile app

How does a typical week look?

You will be running 3x a week: 2 weekdays are regular runs while we run a bit longer on weekends. You also have one day of walking. Other days you can choose to rest or cross-train. You can switch the days to accommodate your schedule.

The program encourages run-walk intervals for the program. This means we run then walk for a few minutes and repeat. This method is what we have used for all our marathons with over 6,000 TBR Dream alumni and is based on the Galloway Run-Walk Method of U.S. Olympian and running coach, Jeff Galloway.

All runs are done on your own at your most convenient time and preferred schedule. Runs can be done outdoors or on a treadmill.

Example of Week 1:

  • Mon: rest
  • Tues: run 15 mins
  • Wed: rest or cross-train
  • Thur: run 15 mins
  • Fri: walk 20 mins
  • Sat: rest or cross-train
  • Sun: longer run 20 mins

How will this help you?

Base training will allow you to gradually increase your running time or distance without putting much strain on your body. This safely builds your fitness level whether you are just starting to run or a runner who is just coming back after a long hiatus. This program will improve your endurance slowly but surely with less risk of injury.

This is a BASE TRAINING program. Our goal is to build your foundation for marathon training, NOT go into full training mode just yet. We will go at an easy pace.

How much is Basecamp?

Each phase (4 weeks) costs PHP400 only. That’s only P100 per week!

If you purchase the entire 12-week program, it’s only PHP1,000. You save PHP200!

You can start and cancel the program anytime.

How can I join?

You may register by clicking the link below: (Note: Only registered participants of TBR Dream Marathon will be allowed access)




I am new to any kind of workout.  Can I join?

Absolutely! The program is designed for beginners. You can walk or do run/walk intervals for the running program. If you need advise or assistance, contact Jaymie.

How will I receive the program?

You will receive access to the program within three days after payment is verified. If the program has not started, you will not be able to view the Steps/Activities until two days before the first day of training.  

Can I register midway through the program?

Yes. Make sure to choose the monthly subscription plan of P400. 

Can I cancel midway through the program?

You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. You can also cancel your full program membership at anytime, but your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.

How can I pay?

For full program payments, we accept payments via Paypal or Paymongo (credit card, Gcash, BPI, UBP, GrabPay, Maya, Bill Ease). For monthly payment plan, Paypal is accepted.

When does my Basecamp subscription end?

All basecamp subscriptions will automatically terminate one day after the program ends. You will not have to do anything. You will not be charged for renewal.

What happens to my TBR Dream Hub account after Basecamp ends?

You will remain a member of TBR Dream Hub, but you will not have access to the programs (Basecamp or TBR Dream Plus) unless you signed up for one.

Who can I call for questions?

Email Jaymie at or DM on IG @thebullrunner