Yes. If you did not cross the finish line and you are not in the official results of any 42km event, then you are still eligible to join.

If there are unclaimed slots, these may be opened up to wait listed runners. TBR will notify the Waitlisted Runners directly via email if any slots free up. Registration for waitlisted runners will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sorry. We discourage minors (below 18 years old) from participating in a 42km event since the minor’s body is still growing and developing. For now, we encourage you to run shorter distances and come back and join us when you’re of age.

Yes, you’re welcome to join us whether you’re currently in the province or abroad. You can join us for the talks virtually, follow the marathon program on your own, and just show up on race day. To request for shipping of your kit or for any concerns, you may email tbrdream@gmail.com.

Yes. Our 20-week program is beginner friendly and has been tried and tested by over 6,000 TBR Dream alumni. The program is based on a run-walk program to be used during training. We encourage running at a conservative pace.

We also have Basecamp, a 12-week program before TBR Dream begins, to build your base for marathon training. This is for people who are new to running, beginners, or runners who are getting back to running after a long break. For more info, click HERE.

Having said that, we still would recommend that you don’t rush into your first marathon. You can run shorter distances this year and join the next Dream Marathons.

No. The race is exclusively for first- and second-time marathoners. Our slots are limited and you’ve had your experience running your first marathon, please allow someone else to experience the same joy. We encourage you, however, to volunteer as a Dream Chaser, pacer, or cheerer. This is your chance to pay it forward to other runners.


We have gathered the best experts in the field to give you much needed information on training for the marathon during our Bull Circles, free running talks covering topics that will prepare you for the marathon. TBR Dream Team will also be there for you.

No. We meet once a month from September to February for our Bull Sessions where we will run together. For other training days, we expect you to do your homework on your own. While this is a beginners’ marathon, we will not baby you. We do commit to guide you and provide all the support you need to make this one of the most memorable experiences of your life.


No, the sale or transfer of slot is strictly prohibited. The organizer will not allow for the use of the race bib by a runner other than the registered runner. A runner caught using a race bib on event day under a different name will be disqualified and will not be included in the official results.

No, the sale or transfer of a Pacer’s kit is strictly prohibited. A pacer caught running without a bib or using a bib under a different name will be asked to leave the course and the runner accompanied by the bandit pacer shall be disqualified.

No, the race fee is strictly non-refundable.


If the race is postponed or cancelled for any reason, including postponement or cancellation by the organizer or a government agency due to Covid-19 related circumstances, the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Runners will be given the option to:

1) participate in the new scheduled date,
2) participate in a “virtual” marathon on the scheduled date, or
3) pay a deferral fee to participate in the next event.

All runners, volunteers and pacers are encouraged to practice proper hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of all participants.

The organizer reserves the right to modify rules and protocols for training and race day to comply with government regulations.

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or any contagious illness, please do your part and avoid attending face-to-face events with TBR or any other organization. Rest well and you can join us again once you are safe.


You can contact Coach Jaymie directly. Send her a DM on Instagram (@thebullrunner) or email her at jaymie@tbrdream.com.

You may contact us HERE.