Rules & Regulations

Please note the following Terms and Conditions before applying for entry into TBR Dream Marathon.

Applicants or participants who do not comply with the following rules will be rejected in the screening process or, if discovered after registration, will be disqualified from the event without refund.


FIRST- OR 2ND-TIME MARATHONERS ONLY: TBR Dream Marathon is strictly for first- and second-time marathoners only. Participants must have 1) never run a marathon (42.195km) so that TBR Dream will be their first marathon, OR 2) only completed one marathon (42.195km) prior to race day so that TBR Dream will be their second marathon.

A previously completed marathon is considered official if it was done in a professionally organized 42km race with official results released.

A full Ironman counts as one marathon. An ultramarathon or a Spartan Ultra counts as one marathon. A professional organized virtual marathon with official results count as a marathon. A virtual marathon completed over several days does NOT count as a marathon.

Second time marathoners are welcome to join but priority will be given to first time marathoners.

We expect full transparency and honesty from each participant upon registering for the event. Any participant who fails to comply with this rule will be disqualified and/or removed from official results should proof arise before or after event day. No refund will be given.

MINORS: We discourage minors (below 18 years old) from participating in a 42km event. A minor who is caught participating in the race will be disqualified and/or removed from official results.

TRAINING: While TBR Dream Marathon provides Marathon Training Programs, free Bull Sessions and Bull Circles, and support, participants are solely responsible for their own training during the training period.

TBR Dream Marathon is a beginner’s marathon, but we also want to instill the value of discipline and commitment in training for a marathon and respecting the 42k distance. We believe that any runner who follows our Training Programs will be able to finish the marathon well within our generous cut-off time.

BULL SESSIONS & BULL CIRCLES: The organizer encourages all participants to join the Bull Sessions and Bull Circles. Attendance is free of charge. Guests are welcome to attend. Date and venues are subject to change. Confirm the schedule on our website and social media before joining.

RUNNER CANCELLATION POLICY: The registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE and may not be deferred.  If the runner does not eventually participate in the race, for any reason whatsoever, the organizer will not allow refunds, transfers, or deferments. 

RACE POSTPONEMENT / CANCELLATION:  If the race is postponed or cancelled for any reason, including postponement or cancellation by the organizer or a government agency due to Covid-19 related circumstances, the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Runners will be given the option to: 1) participate in the new scheduled date, 2) participate in a “virtual” marathon on the scheduled date, or 3) pay a deferral fee to participate in the next event.

SALE / TRANSFER POLICY: Sale or transfer of race slot is strictly prohibited. The organizer will not allow for the use of the race packet by a runner other than the registered participant. A runner caught using a race bib on race day under a different name will be disqualified and will not be included in the official results.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATES: All participants will be required to submit a medical certificate from a licensed physician confirming that they are fit and ready to run 42km on race day. This is for the safety of each participant. The medical certificate may be dated from September 1, 2024 to February 15, 2025. Medical certificates will be collected upon redemption of race kit. No medical certificate, no race kit. CLICK HERE for more details.

MASK & VACCINATION POLICY: All runners, volunteers and pacers are encouraged to practice proper hygiene and avoid training or racing when feeling ill. The organizer reserves the right to modify race rules to comply with government regulations on race day. 

COMPLIANCE: Participants are required to follow instructions from all event officials including organizers, race marshals, volunteers, medical staff, and security personnel during the Bull Circles, Bull Sessions, Send Off Party and Marathon day. Any participant who refuses to follow the officials of the race may be disqualified.

CONDUCT: Participants should conduct themselves in a respectable and courteous manner during the event and other events prior to race day. A participant who is offensive to organizers, staff, volunteers, participants or spectators may be disqualified from the event.

USE OF LOGO/BRAND: Runners are allowed to use The Bull Runner Dream Marathon logo only to denote participation in the marathon on the following: website, social media, posters, or singlets/shirts/team uniforms.  Please email requesting permission to use the race logo before production.

Do not use “The Bull Runner”, “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon”, or “Forty Freakin’ Two” for products, merchandise, packaging, marketing and promotions that suggests affiliation, or any other use that involves sales of a product or service.  Do not reproduce the logos for reproduction or copy of any race merchandise or material for personal use or sales.  Do not use the brand or logos to falsely represent the brand or the organizer.


RACE BIB: Participants must pin the race bib visibly on the shirt. The personalized race bib will allow for spectators and Dream Chasers to call you by name.

TIMING DEVICE: Official time will be based on an RFID Timing Chip attached to the race bib. Failure to wear the bib and the chip will mean no official results.

COVID-19 PREVENTION POLICY: All runners and pacers may be required to show proof of double vaccination and a negative result from a rapid antigen test before race day. The organizer reserves the right to modify these rules to comply with government regulations on race day. Final requirements will be announced in advance.

BAGGAGE: Runners are advised to leave valuables at home. The race organizer will not be responsible for any lost items in the parking or race area. A baggage counter will be available at the Dream Village.

PORTALETS:  Portalets will be available at the assembly area, Dream Village, and designated areas on the race course. See course map.

HYDRATION: Water and Gatorade stations will be provided at a minimum of every 1.5km. 

TRASH: Help keep the environment clean. Trash bags will be available at water stations for proper disposal of cups.

MEDICAL AID: Medical aid will be available on the course and at the Start/Finish area. (See course map) Aid stations with a Medic will be available at every other hydration station providing basic First Aid. Runners who feel ill or any kind of discomfort are advised to stop and get medical assistance immediately.

KEY STATIONS: There will be designated “Key Stations” along the route which will provide: sponges, ice, bananas, chocolates, petroleum jelly, and foam rollers. 

DREAM CHASERS & SUPPORT ZONE CREWS: Five (4) Dream Chaser Stations and Support Zones from various run clubs will be available along the route. Dream Chasers and Support Zone Crews are experienced runners/volunteers, will cheer, support, and run a few kilometers with runners who request.  Click HERE for more details. 

PACERS: Personal Pacers will be allowed to run with their runners.  Online registration will open before October.  Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis only. Only registered pacers will be allowed to enter the race route.  There will be a Pacer’s registration fee. Click HERE for more details.

PHOTOS: Photos of runners will be taken during the race, upon crossing the finish line, and after crossing the finish line with the medal.

MEDALS: At TBR Dream Marathon, every finisher is a winner. Medals will be awarded to each finisher. There will be no prizes for top finishers.

FINISHERS’ SHIRTS: Official Finishers’ shirts will be given to finishers at the Dream Village.

SWAG BAG: Swag bags will be given to all Finishers. Registered participants of TBR Dream Marathon who DO NOT FINISH will be allowed to claim their Swag Bags upon presentation of the race bib only on race day.

SPECTATORS: TBR Dream Marathon is a family-affair. Invite your family and friends to watch you run and cross that finish line.

RACE “BANDIT” POLICY: The organizer will not allow for the use of the race bib by a runner other than the registered Runner or the registered Pacer. A runner caught using a race bib on event day under a different name will be disqualified and will not be included in the official results. A pacer caught running without a bib or using a bib under a different name will be asked to leave the course and the runner accompanied by the bandit pacer shall be disqualified.

FINISHING TIME: We will be strictly implementing a beginner-friendly race cut off time at the 21km mark and Finish Line to ensure the safety of our runners. The organizer reserves the right to pull athletes from the course, at any time, for their own safety.

Cut off time is as follows:

  • 21km Mark: 4 hours from gun start
  • Finish Line: 8 hours from gun start

CERTIFICATES: Certificates will be emailed to all finishers one month after the race. Runners who fail to receive the emailed certificate may follow up until April 30, 2025 only. 

WEATHER: The event takes place rain or shine.

RACE CHANGES: TBR reserves the right to add, modify, replace or cancel venues or events at any time without prior consent from runners. TBR also reserves the right to make changes and amendments to the race rules and regulations at any time without prior consent from runners. In the event that changes are made, TBR will communicate any updates to the registered runners on and social media so runners can make appropriate adjustments. TBR will not be responsible for failure to be notified of information. Runners must respect the decision, direction and authority of TBR and its staff.