The Dream Marathon is not just about letting first-time or second-time marathoners achieve their marathon dream. It is also about experienced marathoners being given the opportunity to give back to the running community, to give new runners the same support and motivation they received from others.  To basically pay it forward.

If you are NOT a participant of TBR Dream Marathon, but you want to be a part of it.  This is the way.

If you are NOT interested in running your own race and you are willing to set aside the time and effort to help others run 42km by providing them support, without receiving anything in return but a smile and a huge Thank You, then this could be your chance.

Online registration for Dream Chasers will be opened on January 2018.  Please visit this website for more details.  Acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Daniel-with-DC_Allan Peter-Ros_Ruby-Gan 8DREAMCHASERS

Roles of Dream Chasers:

Dream Chasers will be assigned to one station along with his/her teammates. Each station will have 15 Dream Chasers including its DC Team Leader.  There will be 4 Dream Chasers stations along the course.

  • From the assigned Station to the next, run with a random group of DM participants or a particular participant with an apparent need to be paced.
  • Provide creative and positive means of motivation, encouragement, and enthusiasm that will buoy the will of TBR DM participants during the race.
  • Assist in providing hydration to any participant in need.
  • Alert the Medical team and Course Manager of any participant needing outright medical / first aid attention.

Qualities we are looking for in Dream Chasers:

  • For Dream Chasers: experienced runner, but not necessarily a marathoner
  • Serious passion for running
  • Positive, pleasant, cheerful attitude
  • Willing to provide exceptional moral support throughout the entire race
  • Believes in “paying it forward” to first time marathoners who need the same support as he/she received in the past

Requirements: Active participation in coordination/planning meetings with your DC Group

  • Attendance of Volunteer Orientation.  Date and venue will be announced.
  • Submission of signed DM and Nuvali waivers
  • Must wear the DREAM CHASER shirt as uniform during race day.
  • Present during the entire course of the race



Participants who wish to run with a Personal Pacer: a friend, family member, Coach, or run buddy who is willing and capable of running the entire 42km may sign up for a Pacer.  We would like to emphasize, however, that running with a Pacer is purely OPTIONAL and, in fact, unnecessary.  With proper training, you will be ready to run your own race on your own.  To add, we will have over 60 DREAM CHASERS and MARSHALS on the road who will be there to provide you support.

Should you wish to run with a Personal Pacer, please note the following:

  • Slots are limited to 100 Pacers to ensure that priority is given to participants
  • Online registration for Pacers will open on OCTOBER 2017 on thebullrunner.com.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis.
  • A fee of P1,500 will be collected from Pacers upon registration.
  • Pacers will be required to run with a REGISTERED Dream Marathon Participant and will be asked to provide the name of the participant during registration.  Any pacer caught running without a bib during the race will be asked to leave the course.  The runner accompanied by the bandit pacer may be disqualified.

Roles of Personal Pacers:

  • Pace one (1) registered participant throughout the entire 42km
  • Alert the Medical/First Aid team and Course Manager of any participant needing outright medical/first aid attention.

Qualities we are looking for in Personal Pacers:

  • Experienced marathoner.  We discourage runners who have NOT completed a 42km from volunteering as Pacer.
  • Serious passion for running
  • Positive, pleasant, cheerful attitude
  • Willing to provide exceptional moral support throughout the entire race
  • Believes in “paying it forward” to first time marathoners who need the same support as he/she received in the past


  • Submission of signed Waiver
  • Payment of registration fee. Pacer will be issued his own race bib and will be free to partake of hydration and other provisions on the course, but he/she will not receive a Finisher’s medal, Finisher’s shirt, or loot bag.  Pacer will receive a special token after the finish line.
  • Pacer’s name must be “attached” to the name of a registered participant. Participant must accept the Pacer as his/her personal pacer.
  • For pacers who wish to pace more than one runner, this will be allowed.   Upon registration as Pacer, he/she only needs to provide the name of one registered participant.
  • One registered participant cannot have more than one pacer.  Any runner who accepts more than one Pacer will be disqualified.
  • Bikers not allowed. Pacer must be on foot.
  • Must wear the PACER race bib to be provided before race day

Redemption of Pacer’s Kit:

Pacers may pay the Pacer’s fee of P1,500 and immediately redeem race kit on the following dates and venues:


During the TBR Dream Send Off Party, all registered 42km participants and accepted Personal Pacers of TBR Dream Marathon 2018 may claim the race kits.  If the pacer cannot make it, a registered runner may pay the fee and claim the Pacer’s kit on his/her behalf.

2) PLANET SPORTS, BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY (W Global Center, 30th St. cor. 9th Ave., near California Pizza Kitchen)

  • Feb 7 Wednesday to Feb 15 Thursday, 12 NN to 8:00 PM


  • February 17, 2018; 2:00PM to 5:00PM
  • February 18, 2018; 12 midnight to 2:00 AM



P1,500 fee and the signed Nuvali & TBR Waiver.

Pacer’s name must be on the Official List of accepted Pacers.


You may send an authorized representative to claim your race kit. Please send the following:

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Send Off Party, only registered participants and Pacers will be allowed entry. Only they may claim your race kit for you as an authorized representative. Non-registered runners will NOT be allowed entry.