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NB Power Run 10k Kits for Bull Session 2

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

As mentioned, our Bull Session 2 will be on NOV. 11, 2012 on New Balance Power Run 10k.  It has come to our attention that some runners failed to register for the 10k.

GOOD NEWS!  New Balance has been kind enough to try to accommodate all of us in the race.  Please sign in to this sheet if you would like to register for NB Power Run 10k with us.



– Cut off for sign up is today, October 24, 2012, 6:00PM. Sorry, we need to know the exact number by today.  No late sign ups will be entertained.
– Strictly for TBR DM 2013 participants only who will run 10k for the Bull Session.
– Note that NB will TRY to accommodate everyone, but cannot guarantee race kits for everyone on the sheet. We will follow a first come, first served rule.
– TBR will notify you via email regarding registration for the race and post a list of those who have secured a slot on
– TBR will not be responsible for those who did not receive this information, those who failed to make the cut off, or those who did not get to register for the race.
– The 10% discount for TBR Dreamers will still be available.
– Remember: This is purely optional.  We won’t be taking your attendance during this Bull Session.  You are free to run with your friends and cover the distance on your own if you wish.

For any inquiries regarding the discount, contact Macel at TBR DM Hotline: SUN 0942 477 6099

For more info, click HERE.