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Share Your TBR Dream Story

Monday, 13 March 2023

The beauty of the marathon lies in hundreds of people sharing the same goal of running 42.195k together, but each runner brings their own stories – from day one of training to each kilometer of the race – until the finish line.

We want to hear YOUR story – in full detail – because your story is meant to be told and shared, to inspire others to do the seemingly impossible, to remind others that they can transform their lives for the better if they just took that step!

If you story is chosen, you get a chance to win P5000 adidas gift certificates.* 

3 ways to submit:

  1. Click HERE (our preferred method)
  2. Post on IG or FB and use the hashtag #tbrdreamstory
  3. Email

*Thank you to those who shared their story! Contest extended to April 15! Open to TBR Garmin Dream participants only