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Bull Session 2 for NB Power Run 10k

Friday, 9 November 2012

See you for our 2nd Bull Session during New Balance Power Run!  Here are the details for the meet up:

  • TBRDM Assembly: 4:50AM at the event area between Safeguard and Shopinas booth. See event layout below.
  • 10k Gun Start: 5:20AM
  • TBRDM Meet up after the race: 6:50AM at the same area as assembly.
  • TBR Dreamers participating in this race should have registered for this race and must be wearing their own NB Power Run race bib.
  • We will have four groups at different race intervals.  Each group will be led by two pacers.
  • TBR Dreamers ARE NOT obligated to stay with the pace group.  You may run your own race if you wish.
  • We will not be stamping your TBRDM Cards for attendance.
  • Due to logistical concerns, we will not be releasing TBRDM Official Shirts during this Bull Session 2.  We will announce pick up points for the shirts by next week.

– NB Power Run Event Layout –

For any inquiries, please contact Macel at or hotline 0942-477-6099.