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Deferment Option due to nCov 2019

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Due to concerns raised regarding the 2019 novel Coronavirus, TBR will offer TBR Dream Marathon 2020 participants an option to defer to 2021.

This is the second offering of deferment following the change of venue due to the Taal ashfall. Our race rules and regulations state that we do not offer refunds or deferments for whatever reason. You consented to this when you registered for the race. As the race is a few days away, your race fee has also been spent on race expenses since the start of training to race day. However, we care about you and understand your concerns, so we decided to allow for a second round of deferment. Below are the details:

100% cost deferment to next year’s TBR DREAM MARATHON 2021
This means you’ll get a guaranteed spot in next year’s event. You will NOT have to pay a registration fee for 2021.

Conditions for Deferment:

1) YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RE-REGISTER IN 2021. You will have a reserved slot for TBR Dream Marathon 2021, but it will not be automatically carried over. You will not be asked to pay the registration fee.

2) Upon re-registration, TBR Dream Marathon 2021 must still be your first or second marathon as stated in our rules. Failure to comply with this rule will forfeit your deferred slot.

3) TBR will not be responsible for updating you on 2021 registration period and its deadlines. You will follow the same deadlines with the new batch of runners. Failure to re-register during the registration period will forfeit your deferred slot.

* There will be a portion in the 2021 registration form for you to inform us that you had deferred from Batch 2020.

4) Please note that you may not claim your finisher’s swag bag, shirt, medal or other race items for Batch 2020.

5) If you had a Pacer for 2020, your pacer will automatically be removed from the Pacer list. There are no deferments to 2021 for Pacers. If your pacer has already paid the registration fee, this will be fully refunded. Email with subject: Pacer Refund. Include in the email a BPI or BDO bank account where the refund may be deposited.

6) This deferment is a one-time offer. This means you can only defer to 2021. This will not be offered again for future races whether the slot is used or not.

7) Deferment is strictly non-transferable and non-refundable.

If you will opt to defer, please fill the form at the link below. Deadline for deferment is FEBRUARY 14, 2020, 2PM. This deadline will be strictly implemented.

LINK: No longer available.  Deferment deadline has passed.

You will receive an email to confirm deferment on or before FEBRUARY 15. Please refrain from sending inquiries or follow-ups on email or social media regarding this matter. TBR will not be able to respond to all of your email as we are busy preparing for the race. If you already received confirmation for the initial round of deferment last January, please do not send another request.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Gotta Run,